Here's a compilation of questions and answers we frequently get asked from our users. If you've a question that it is not answered here we really apologize about that, we really try to document as much as possible in a regular basis. If you need immediate assistance please see the support section below.

Functionality / Configuration
I've just signed up, how do I configure TwitFav ?
Upon registration you'll be required to enter twitter application api keys. These two keys consumer key and consumer secret are used to identify you and give TwitFav permissions to use your twitter account during any of the services provided. Click here if you need help setting up an application in twitter to obtain your keys which will only take few minutes.
I've just signed up, why can't I see my followers or unfollowers ?
We take a different approach when retrieving your followers and unfollowers. TwitFav services run in the background to avoid having you wait longer while you're looking at your information, for this reason if you just signed up, most likely 5 to 10 minutes from signing up is when you will see information appearing in the Recent Followers / Recent Unfollowers and Follower Engagement Sections.
I like to filter some bad words or even certain twitter users out of the automation pulling ?
Easy just Go to My Account > Ignore Rules > then select the plus (+) symbol to add a new ignore rule. Ignore rules mainly look at three components of a tweet (twitter screen name, full name, and body of the tweet).
How do I create a Retweet Rule ?
  1. Rule Name: Provide a rule name
  2. Constraint to owner: Check or leave uncheck. If checked the retweet service will only search for the keyword in this person's tweets.
  3. Owner: if previous step is checked, otherwise skip.
  4. Keyword: the keyword to search for in twitter.
  5. Daily Max: this is automatically set based on your plan. Defaults to 10
  6. Rule example is shown below for reference purposes:
Can I create a multiple favorite or retweet Rules ?
Yes, all plans including the free one has no limit on how many rules can be created.
What can I do with the new scheduler feature ?
The scheduler can be used to schedule tweets ahead of time, maybe you have an event in the future that your followers may be interested on.
What if I want to stop one or more services from running ?
To stop any of the services provided-> Login > Go to My Account > Settings > Configuration
What are some of the core features available in TwitFav ?
The service provides many tools and options. We certainly focus in 4 main areas Favorites, Unfavorites, Retweets, Followers. We also provide a powerful tweet scheduler and visualizations to help you understand your twitter peers. For more information on core functionality see Plan and Packages
Twitter is down would this prevent the TwitFav services from running ?
TWITFAV will continue running, but automation engine won't be able to connect to twitter until it comes back online.
Can I use TwitFav from a mobile device ?
TWITFAV was developed with a mindset of working fully with a mobile browser, with that said, it is fully responsive.

Payments and Processing
I've just purchased a paid package using PayPal, how long does it take to process ?
We use PayPal IPN which takes from 1 to 5 minutes for PayPal to notify our system. So your account is updated after 1 to 5 minutes of upgrading.
How do I cancel my account ?
Login to PayPal and cancel the recurring payment. This action will cancel your next billing cycle with TwitFav and you will be downgraded to the free version automatically when the next billing cycle starts.


What's the difference between Standard / Professional / Ultimate Plans ?
When building TwitFav we wanted everyone to have a sneak peak of all features, therefore every feature is available with all plans, however certain plans such as Free provides you with a daily limit quotas.


I need support immediately ?
The quickest method to contact us at admin@twitfav.com

What if all of my audience isn't on Twitter ?
TWITFAV is only used in conjunction with Twitter. Our goal is to help twitter users in increasing their following and exposure.
I have a great idea, can you guys add it ?
Send us an email through the Contact link in the footer of this page. We will be happy to review it and add it to the tool.