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Beautiful state of the art dashboards with features including auto favorites, auto retweets, auto unfavorites, tweet scheduling (single & via Bulk CSV file), monitoring of twitter followers / unfollowers, follower maps, leaderboards, and more.

Automation Rules

Ability to add, remove, or modify automation rules for favorites and retweets. These rules include keywords with options for owner constraints. Rules are used during the automation to target you specific topics based on your niche, ensuring complete engaging of specific topics you would be interested on.

Schedule Tweets

Offering ability to schedule tweets either a single tweet or in bulk by using a CSV file upload. If you have an event coming or have a need to avoid forgetting about a very special tweet, then this feature can prevent you from fogetting important announcements.

Niche Engagement

Monitor who follows or unfollows you regularly. Discover which days you've growth versus days when users just decide to unfollow you right after they followed you. Send welcome messages to new followers and customize your message. New followers map enables you to visually determine where your followers are geographically.


Twitter data can be overwhelming and viewing key metrics is crucial. We offer graphs representing key data points about followers, friends, unfollowers, automation rules usage, geolocations, and more.

Automation Controls

Proving you with options to turn on and off automation services for favorite, unfavorite, retweets engines.

Cross Platform

Compatible with all major platforms (MAC, PC and Mobile). This allows you to run from anywhere and by using any type of device.

How it works

You first login and access favorites or retweet areas to create rules which contain keywords based on your niche, product, service, or website.

For example, if you niche is related to CrossFit, you might choose "CrossFit workout" or "CrossFit training"

There're also other tools available to access such as tweet scheduler (single tweet or bulk CSV file upload), follower engagement, or visualization tools.

Services behind the scenes search for tweets based on the keywords you entered. The scheduler works the same way, we handle tweeting for you based on the times you want the tweets to be created.

Then you honestly just sit and relax while we find all tweets without further user input.

All tweets located are liked, retweeted, or tweet, and the author is notified within Twitter.

Users notified by Twitter increases the chances of engaging with your niche. You also increases the chances of users following you by keeping them informed of your business.


What are customers saying about us.

"TwitFav is an absolutely incredible program that has greatly helped the growth of my business by increasing our online presence. I highly recommend TwitFav to any person or company looking to grow their reach without spending valuable time on a daily basis."
Olivier Corizzi

"TwitFav is an invaluable tool that allowed me to connect with people who share a common interest. It increased my number of followers while I was able to concentrate on finding new content."
James ATX

"TwitFav has been wonderful. I started using it about 2 months ago, and my followers have increased by over 60%! The support has been fantastic, and the price is right where it should be.
Jenny Eden


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  • Professional
  • $4.99/m
  • This is a limited time offer based on an original price of $9.99
  • 250 - Targeted favorites, retweets, and unfavorites
  • 20 - Keywords and Rules
  • 200 - Scheduled tweet jobs
  • 20 - Automation ignore rules
  • 10 - Welcome direct messages
  • 200 - Record(s) followers versus unfollowers
  • 50 - Record(s) in leaderboards
  • Yes - Data visualizations
  • Yes - Cancel any time
  • Yes - 24/7 customer service
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  • Ultimate
  • $9.99/m
  • This is a limited time offer based on an original price of $19.99
  • 300 - Targeted favorites, retweets, and unfavorites
  • Unlimited - Keywords and Rules
  • Unlimited - Scheduled tweet jobs
  • Unlimited - Automation ignore rules
  • Unlimited - Welcome direct messages
  • Unlimited - Record(s) followers versus unfollowers
  • Unlimited - Record(s) in leaderboards
  • Yes - Advanced data visualizations
  • Yes - Cancel any time
  • Yes - 24/7 customer service
  • Get Started

  • Standard
  • $2.99/m
  • This is a limited time offer based on an original price of $4.99
  • 150 - Targeted favorites, retweets, and unfavorites
  • 10 - Keywords and Rules
  • 50 - Scheduled tweet jobs
  • 10 - Automation ignore rules
  • 5 - Welcome direct messages
  • 100 - Record(s) followers versus unfollowers
  • 20 - Record(s) in leaderboards
  • Yes - Data visualizations
  • Yes - Cancel any time
  • Yes - 24/7 customer service
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